The VCO You Can Pop!

Growrich VCO is the first patented FDA-approved virgin coconut oil in a capsule. 

Why Choose Growrich VCO Capsule?

Energy Source

Energy Source

Modulate Cholesterol








The 5 Fs of Growrich

First and only VCO in a hard gel capsule

Compared to the liquid form and other capsule forms of VCO, hard gel capsules provide the most compatible shell for virgin coconut oil.  Hard gel capsules contain less water and plasticizers so it’s thicker.


Aside from taking Growrich VCO orally, you can also use it as a moisturizer and makeup remover. Simply open a capsule or two and massage a small amount onto the skin. You can also use it to treat dandruff.

FDA-registered and compliant

Growrich VCO is FDA-registered and compliant so it’s guaranteed safe, effective and manufactured with quality. Each capsule is pharmaceutical-grade and there is no compromise in quality.

Filipino product

Growrich VCO is a product that we can really be proud of. Each capsule you take does not only benefit your health but also supports the local coconut industry. 

Family-oriented Company

Growrich VCO started out as a small family business and eventually expanded to what it is now. From one family to another, Growrich is taking this opportunity to change the lives of so many for the past 15 years.

Where to buy Growrich VCO Capsule?


About us

Keeping one’s health always incheck is important, especially now when there is a global health crisis. With studies showing that virgin coconut oil can boost one’s immunity, consumers now have a better and more natural health care alternative.

However, not too many people are fans of VCO in liquid form. Good thing there’s Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules!

Growrich is the first VCO in capsule form to be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration since June 2005.

Growrich is extracted from fresh coconut meat by natural means, a patented process that ensures the oil is free of chemicals without subjecting it to heat.

Growrich is the VCO you can easily pop in your mouth.